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You Will Soon Be Able to Get Pizza from an ATM in North America

When you’re a university student with a limited budget, you learn pretty quickly how to get creative with your food options. From sneaking food out of the dining hall to save money to learning how to make pretty much every kind of cuisine in a rice cooker, students know all

These Are the Most Popular Food Trends Among Millennials

If there is one thing Toronto millennials love more than anything, it’s a good food trend. From sushi burritos to over-the-top ice cream cones, if it’s something weird and instagrammable, we will get our hands on it. Even if it means waiting in a long-ass line. Unsurprisingly, our neighbours South

2015 Stats: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Weddings in Canada

Despite all signs to the contrary, spring is here – and with it comes wedding season. Whether you’re about to have a white wedding (perhaps literally given our April snowstorm) in Canada or you’re jet-setting to sunnier climes for a destination wedding, those bells are starting to ring out loud

Cable Knit Nails are This Winter’s Hottest Trend

It’s officially sweater season. Naturally, it’s time to drape ourselves in cozy, chunky cable knits, complete with a side of steaming tea or coffee. Now, your nails will look even better grasping that coffee cup thanks to this winter’s “coolest” trend in nail design: enter cable knit patterned gel nails.

Stop Saying ‘Man Braids’ Are a Thing Just Because White Guys Are Doing it Now

Here’s the thing about mainstream human behaviour: only when white people jump on a fad will a lot of media feel the movement is fit to declare a trend. Take twerking, for example. Born out of the predominately African-American hip-hop scene in New Orleans, twerking’s been around for over two decades. No one