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Eden Roc Miami Beach

Notable Destinations: Miami, More Than Just Beach

Since the ushering in of the Art Basel era in 2002, however, Miami’s vibe has transformed, and while it retains its electric club and beach allure, it’s also a culturally rich, important place for the arts to thrive. There’s so much support for artists to create the work arts patrons from around the world flock to experience. Trust me, you have never experienced Miami like this.


Have you ever gone to a fabulous vacation spot and couldn’t help wishing you had visited before it became “so touristy”? If that’s what you are after, go to Belize.

Notable Destinations: Discover San Francisco For The First Time, Again

San Francisco is a destination that needs to be on everyone’s list of must-go places. After this trip, I realize it’s also a destination you could visit five times and have five completely different experiences. It’s the perfect place to visit for a long weekend, get lost in the city’s

A Front Row Seat to the Aurora Borealis

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when leaving the country became more of a challenge than a vacation, travelling within Canada became more popular for those looking to get away. Now, even with border restrictions easing, it is still a fantastic idea to explore and appreciate the phenomenal destinations

11 Getaways in Ontario that Feel Like a Tropical Getaway

Going in and out of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders for over a year has people itching for a getaway. And luckily, as vaccines roll out, jumping on a flight is a closer reality than before.  But many people are anxious to travel, even as things open up. With two week