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The One Detail (Most) Millennials are Forgetting When Getting Dressed

Working in the Montreal fashion industry of Montreal for the past eight years has led me to the realization that there is one small, annoying, yet integral detail of looking put together: ironing your clothes. And unfortunately, it’s mostly Millennials who are missing the memo. Five minutes can seriously aid

How To Plan a Destination Wedding in 7 Stress-Free Steps

What happens when a travel-obsessed girl meets an Italian guy and they decide to make it official? Well, my partner and I are planning a destination wedding celebration in Italy. Not because we want to be fancy, but because half the guest list is already there. There’s my Mario, who

How To Sit at Work All Day Without Completely Destroying Your Back

The classic desk job: one of the safest workplaces known to humankind. Sure, it’s not as dangerous or exciting as fighting fires or building bridges, but someone has to punch that data into that spreadsheet. However, those long hours can take its toll over time on your body and mind.

The 6 Lessons I Learned from Launching ToFoodies Dad Hats

After nearly two years of running ToFoodies, I wanted to shake things up. ToFoodies is a food media brand that I founded, and you perhaps know it best on Instagram. Owning an entity that is digital-only is a wild and beautiful thing. You can take it anywhere; work on it

Ace Your Next Performance Evaluation With These 7 Tips

Whether you’re a seasoned vet or just beginning your career, annual performance reviews are nerve-wracking. Especially if you and your supervisor don’t have regular check-ins, boiling down an entire year of accomplishments and desires into an hour-long exchange can put a lot of pressure on you. But you shouldn’t think