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Coronavirus forces Tim Hortons to digitize ‘Roll Up The Rim’

After postponing our annual Notable Awards, coronavirus has disrupted the next-most anticipated event of spring: Tim Hortons’ Roll Up The Rim. RUTR is set to kick off this Wednesday, March 11th. The company says “the current public health environment” has signalled that it is “not the right time for team members…to collect

I swear on my childhood, if this news about Timbits Cereal is true…

Some news leaves you staring emptily at, well, who knows, everything is a blur and thoughts cease to register. This is that type of abyss. Hold onto something tight that’s holding into something tight: Tim Hortons has announced Timbits Cereal. Swear to God, this is real. It exists and will

B.C. Man Fined $2,000 for Feeding Timbits to Bear

A B.C. man has been fined $2,000 for feeding Timbits to a young grizzly bear. Could there possibly be a more Canadian headline? The punishment was handed down by the B.C. Conservation Officer Service after the culprit posted photos of the deed on the Internet. The importance of deleting your social media

You Can Now Get Free Stuff Every 7th Time You Visit Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons has had a rough couple of years. So bad, in fact, that last spring the company completed a 46-spot fall from grace in a ranking of Canada’s most reputable brands. Now, Timmies is doing major work to win back some love. And it starts with a loyalty program,