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This Massive, Inspiring Public Art Initiative Has Transformed an Entire City

Sometimes all you need to revitalize a tired downtown core is an overload of colourful public art. Last week, we told you how crosswalks in Madrid have become colourful works of art, making for a far more vibrant morning commute. Now, Arkansas is on our radar thanks to the inspiring Unexpected

Street Artist Phlegm Celebrates Toronto with a Massive 8-Storey Mural

For weeks, global street artist Phlegm rappelled daily off a 12-storey building at Yonge and St. Clair, painting one of Toronto’s largest murals. He put the finishing touches on it on Wednesday. From a distance, the mural looks like a human figure in a fetal position. But if you look closely, you’ll

Street Talk: Where to Find the Best Graffiti in Toronto

Growing up, we were warned not to even think about tagging a building with a can of secretly purchased spray paint. Today, however, graffiti is losing some of that bad rep. Though haters naturally remain (especially when it comes to private property), it appears that we’re experiencing a shift from

Senior Citizens in Portugal Channel their Inner Graffiti Artist

Armed with spray paint cans, masks, and gloves, senior citizens are taking to the streets of Lisbon, Portugal to create some pretty impressive graffiti art. With a mandate to destroy age stereotypes, LATA 65 invites senior citizens to create street art by finding them free spots in the city and