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Senior Citizens in Portugal Channel their Inner Graffiti Artist

Armed with spray paint cans, masks, and gloves, senior citizens are taking to the streets of Lisbon, Portugal to create some pretty impressive graffiti art.

With a mandate to destroy age stereotypes, LATA 65 invites senior citizens to create street art by finding them free spots in the city and encouraging them to leave their mark.

The senior citizens are educated on the history of street art beforehand through workshops, where they get to create their own stencils. They then hit run-down parts of the city, where they transform the public space with colourful stencil art and tags.

Each participant is mentored by a well-known street artist.

The goal of the organization – as stated on their Facebook page – is to connect older and younger generations through art, and to help the elderly engage in new forms of contemporary art. It’s also a means for the retired set to have a little fun.

And it looks like they’re doing just that. Seriously, just look at the shots of them in action and try not to smile.

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