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10 Female-Led Startups Making an Impact in Toronto

We should be celebrating powerful women every single day, but in honour of International Women’s Day, Notable Life is spotlighting 10 female-led startups making an impact in Toronto and beyond.  This is by no means all of the incredible women-identifying leaders and entrepreneurs in Toronto, rather a small insight into

#NotableBusiness: Shoe Laundry

This shoe care really cares. Shoe Laundry – a new shoe care brand based in Toronto – is the first Canadian-made, completely natural, sustainable, and plant-based brand on the market.  We caught up with CEO & Founder Amir Alamsahebpour (also known in the DJ world as Crunch) about the path

#NotablePeople: Ivy Co-Founders Tucker Schreiber and Evan Cloutier

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had another hour in the day to finally hit everything on your to-do list? Tucker Schreiber and Evan Cloutier, the brilliant co-founders behind Ivy, a mobile app that helps people get things done in a stress-free way. They’re hoping their app will solve the never-ending

CASCON X EVOKE: The Tech Event You Can’t Afford to Miss

When it comes to technology, Toronto is undoubtedly one of Canada’s most vibrant, innovative tech centers. So much so, that it’s actually influencing how the city is growing and changing economically. When so many bright, hungry tech experts and entrepreneurs live in close proximity, opportunities to get together to talk

Tips to Scale Your StartUp at a Fraction of The Cost

You’re ready to scale your business and need to know where to best allocate resources. There comes a point in a startup’s business when you have built a small team around you, the business is beginning to stabilize and you realize you need to put your trust in others in