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10 Canadian Women Who Are Stirring Up the Food and Drink Industry

A woman’s place may no longer be in the kitchen – but try telling that to these inspirational #GirlBosses who are cooking up a storm in the food and drink industry. From executive chefs curating menus for their foodie patrons all over Canada to mixologists shaking things up behind bars

#NotableAwards: Do You Know the Best Bartender in Town?

With an encyclopedic knowledge of wines and spirits and a very steady hand, bartenders are the unsung heroes of the drinking game. Keeping calm under pressure, reading our minds when we can’t decide what to order, and consistently making top-class cocktails – let’s raise a glass to the men and women

Win a Total Wine Experience For You and 9 of Your Friends

With fall just around the corner, there’s no better time to celebrate the end of summer then with your very own wine party. So you can keep your pumpkin spice latte, ‘cause we’d rather be sipping on Pinot. Which is why we’ve partnered with one of Canada’s premier wine club’s,

Allison Vidug: Today’s Notable Young Professional

Today’s Notable Young Professional is Allison Vidug, who manages the wine program at Toronto’s Shore Club restaurant. What was the inspiration for a career centred around fine grapes? Find out in today’s profile

Interview: National Sake Sommelier Michael Tremblay

A few months ago we had the pleasure of experiencing a unique sake tasting at Toronto’s Ki courtesy of sake sommelier Michael Tremblay – one of only five in Canada. One thing we’ve always wanted to know, though: what makes someone an expert on sake? We caught up with Michael following his recent three-week trip to Japan, where he had the rare opportunity to work at several sake breweries across the country, to talk about his experience and what he’s looking to bring to Canada