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FIFA Cracks Down on Zooming in on Hot Women at World Cup Games

For all of the goals, high-energy wins, and devastating losses of the FIFA World Cup, you may have noticed something else: no shortage of hot female fans caught on camera. Now, in a move that seems both long overdue to many and overly sensitive to others (i.e. the majority of

This CNN Anchor Shows Us How to Shut Down Manterrupting

By now, we don’t have to tell you what “mansplaining” is. Though it’s been a reality since the beginning of time, it’s only become a catch term in recent years, as a growing number of females collectively stand up and say “hell, no” to being spoken down to by their

Watch YouTube Star Lilly Singh Shut Down a Sexist Troll in the Best Way Possible

In an era of a heightened focus on female empowerment and gender equality, it seems some people are still stuck in a misogynistic 1950s mindset. Luckily, fierce females like Canadian YouTube star and comedian Lilly Singh aka Superwoman are putting them in their place in brilliantly powerful and hilarious ways.

8 Everyday Things That Really Annoy Feminists

It’s 2016 and if the word “feminism” didn’t make people uncomfortable before, it sure does now that the United States elected Trump. I can explain how feminism is simply the belief that women and men should be equal in every aspect of life but you should know this by now.