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These Are Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants in 2018

We hope you’re not hungry, because you’re about to get a serving of Canada’s creme de la cuisine. The fourth annual ‘Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants’ list has just published its 2018 ranking. And while it’s only four years old, it holds some major sway in dining circles. An esteemed panel

6 Delicious $3.14 Pizza And Pie Deals For Pi Day In Toronto

If you love pizza, pie, pi or all of the above – today is your lucky day! Mathletes around the world know March 14th as Pi Day simply due to it’s numeric date, 3.14 – the first few numbers that make up the mathematic constant, pi. Many pizza and pie

Toronto’s Restauranteurs Are Battling Hunger on Toronto Streets

The irony is that Toronto is a city full of restaurants, but so many people are starving on our streets every day. I worked in a restaurant for years; I saw firsthand how much food was wasted: buns, half-eaten pizzas, and blemished tomatoes – it would all go in the

An Exclusive Sneak Peak At Drake’s Newest Restaurant: Pick 6ix

Aubrey Graham has made a name for himself in Toronto and across the globe – not only as a hip-hop & rap artist, but a certified tastemaker. Any and all Drake endorsements – from the launch of Apple Music to his recent collaboration with Canada Goose – are almost assured

Be Nice to Your Server: Tipping Actually Benefits You

They say that everyone should be a server at one point in their lives. That way you have a greater appreciation for those who serve you your food (and, frankly, all the BS they have to deal with on the regular). For me, I was probably a server for too