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These Are the 10 Best New Restaurants in Canada

Every year, Air Canada enRoute magazine publishes a roundup of the country’s best new restaurants. And every year, I am thoroughly stoked about it. Because if there’s one thing I love spending money I don’t have on, it’s food. New food. The best food, which is also new. enRoute sent highly enviable writer Nancy Matsumoto from

Toronto is Home to the 2nd-Best Italian Restaurant in the World

Alright, before we get all wild, allow me to clarify that everything you’re about to read pertains to Italian restaurants outside of Italy.  With that in mind, 50 Top Italy, a reputable Italian food guide, has ranked the best non-domestic Italian restaurants. Fire up a “We’re number two!” chant, because Toronto’s Michelin-starred

A Sneak Peak at What’s on the Menu at the Notable Life Awards

Tucked between a flower shop and a dry cleaning store, in the heart of Toronto’s ritzy Rosedale neighbourhood, you’ll find one of the city’s true culinary treasures. Rosedale’s Finest is a feast for the senses. All you have to do is check out their Insta account and you’ll see what

10 Best Places in Toronto for Gourmet Donuts

Ahh donuts. Whether you bake ‘em or bought ‘em, they are undeniably delicious and my personal cheat day pleasure. Because when you’re having donuts, you’re not just eating them to have one. They don’t come in a dozen for no reason. You’re eating a lot and enjoying every. single. bite.

The 5 Best Spots in Toronto for a Beer and a Bite

After spending some time in Vancouver I’ve come to realize how much West Coasters love their beer! It seems every restaurant and bar serves local libations and steer away for the big brands that first put Canada on the beer map.  Ever since I’ve returned I’ve paid a bit more