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Oslo is Planning to Permanently Ban Cars By 2019

Toronto may want to take a cue from Norway’s capital – Oslo is planning to permanently ban cars in its downtown core by 2019. In its plan to eliminate all automobiles from its city centre within the next few years, the city will build 60 kilometres of bike lanes and invest heavily

Beijing Banned 2.5 Million Cars and the Sky Turned Blue Again

Beijing residents have seen a lot more blue recently. On August 20, Beijing put restrictions on factory production and car use, resulting in 2.5 million less cars on the road. The result? Residents saw blue skies for the first time…in a long time. Leading up to the 70th anniversary of Japan’s

Paris Will Ban Cars for One Day on September 27

For all the beauty of Paris, the French capital has a very ugly side: crippling air pollution. Aging diesel cars and increasingly hot, dry days have made smog such a problem in the city that it actually briefly topped world charts for air pollution earlier this year. That’s why Paris will

U of T Researchers Reveal the Most Polluted Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Researchers at the University of Toronto have conducted a study to reveal the most polluted neighbourhoods in the city. Of the findings, the study shows that if you live near multiple roads, you could be exposed to 10 times more pollutants than someone not living near any major roads