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Canadian Drivers Are the Worst in the World for Polluting the Environment

Despite our reputation as a “clean” country, our environmental record is anything but squeaky. According to research from the International Energy Agency (IEA), Canadian drivers emit the most carbon per kilometre driven in the world. The data reveals that Canadian cars produce 206 grams of CO2 per kilometre driven. Energy and environmental

Breathing on a Cruise Ship Can Be Just as Bad As Breathing in Beijing

For some people, taking a cruise is a chance to get away from it all. Except people. And paying too much for a tiny room. And food that’s better than what you could make at home. Most of all, however, you’re not really getting away from bad air. According to recent

Suzuki Says Reducing Our Workweek Could Save The Planet

Shortening how many hours you work in a week could just be the best way to live and the saving grace for state of the planet. The king of environmentalism, David Suzuki, breaks down how too much work is bad for people and the earth. Originally Published on By David

Four Major World Capitals Will Ban Diesel Vehicles Within 10 Years

While a bloviating orange man to the south expands on his strategy to turn our world into an environmental wasteland, most other countries around the world are working on ways to cut back on pollution. Finland wants to phase out coal by the end of this decade, Barcelona wants to reduce

This Smog-Free Tower is the Future’s Answer to Air Pollution

There used to be a smog filtration tower Sim City players could download in the game’s official open source forum. Plopping a few around the city would reduce air pollution to zero, spurring the development of high-density residential properties, high-tech industry, and commercial skyscrapers. Traditionalists would lament about it being a “cheat” because it