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International Poll: Canada Has the World’s Most Positive Global Influence

Last year, satire site The Beaverton found that ‘Canada ranked number 1 on a list of countries that care the most about international rankings’. It is therefore our duty to present you with the latest and greatest ranking in which Canada can declare itself world champion. (If the Toronto Raptors

New Poll Reveals What Canadians Really Think of Each Other

Canadians generally exercise a long-standing tradition of Being Nice to one another. Most of us also harbour a simmering passive-aggressiveness, which is just as Canadian. That was proven in a recent Angus Reid poll that asked “which provinces believe they give and get more from Canada.” Basically, how do residents

Justin Trudeau’s Approval Rating is the Lowest Since He Was Elected

Canadians are giving Justin Trudeau a big ‘ol barrel of crude oil for Christmas. Which is to say, our Prime Minister will go into the holiday season with the lowest approval rating since taking office in 2015. According to a recent survey conducted by Angus Reid, just 35 per cent