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Six Ways to Big Up Your Backyard BBQ Bash this Long Weekend

A long weekend is the only reason you need to gather friends and family for a backyard BBQ. While it’s simple to throw some burgers – meat and veggie, naturally – on the bbq and call it a day (and there’s a time and place for that as well), there

Notable First Look: H&M Fall Collection

Fall fashion has always been my favourite. Like many girls, the thought of chunky sweaters, layered scarves and new boots makes the dropping temperatures a bit more bearable. When we were asked to host a Notable First Look shopping party for H&M Fall Collection, I was thrilled, this was right in

Please Don’t Help Yourself to MY Popcorn!

Movies are a sacred form of escape these days. It is rare to have a precious few hours without “having” to check your phone for an email or text message or Instagram notification or Snapchat… the list goes on and on. This world is hectic and I truly think that