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Celebrating the Rev Award Finalists – Pioneers of Sustainability in Toronto

Toronto’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit is on full display as we celebrate the top 17 finalists of the inaugural Rev Award. This prestigious accolade is a collaboration between Notable Life and the City of Toronto through its Live Green Toronto program. The REV Award celebrates businesses taking meaningful steps to reduce their environmental impact. We hope that telling your green story and sharing your success will encourage others to take action. With a $10,000 grant at stake, these finalists have embraced sustainability and woven it into the very fabric of their operations. Join us in celebrating the inspiring stories of these trailblazers, wishing them luck as we eagerly anticipate the winner announcement on December 11th.

The Notable Awards Is Back!

For the first time, the Notable has partnered with the City of Toronto through its Live Green Toronto program to bring you the REV Award!

The Notable Awards Is Back!

After a pandemic pause, we’re thrilled to announce the Notable Awards is back! This time we are a completely digital experience with all submissions, voting and winner announcements taking place online. We took things from IRL to URL to serve our community better. This year, the digital awards give us