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This Awesome Group of Guys Makes Up to $1,000 a Week Waiting in Lines for People

Lines: God’s punishment for wanting nice things. But for one group of particularly savvy gentlemen, they’re also a lucrative business opportunity. Same Ole Line Dudes LCC is a team of professional line-sitters that waits for your wants – everything from new iPhones to Saturday Night Live tickets, Air Jordans and

You Can Now Build Furniture for Your Home With Adult Lego Blocks

Talk about a total #TBF. That’s throwback Friday, if you didn’t know. Our favourite block toy company, LEGO, has grown up and become an adult thanks to New York company EverBlock by creating a modular block system with pieces wide enough to build life-sized furniture. [ad_bb1] The best part? It actually

You Can Now Stay in NYC for $22 USD Per Night…In a Van

You may be able to afford that trip to New York City this summer after all. In a city notorious for both its sky-high real estate and hefty hotel prices, you can now score a hotel for $22 USD per night. That is, if you don’t mind forgoing electricity and