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The Business-Class-Only Airline You Need to Try ASAP

It’s no secret that air travel, for the most part, is very less-than-glam. Unless you’re a Kardashian or you’re making some serious cash, you’ll be stuck in coach dealing with shameful passengers, incredibly tiny seats, and eating extremely questionable airplane food. (Not to mention that “last class” seems to be on the way

Winning Proposal Suggests 1,000-Foot Wall Around New York’s Central Park

A team of architects has an ambitious winning proposal to make New York’s Central Park accessible to more people. The only tiny, insignificant, not a deal-breaker at all issue is that the plan involves destroying the park as we know it all together. Like, I said, no big deal. Vitan Sun

5 Quick Getaways for the Weekend Warrior in All of Us

It’s easy to catch the travel bug – there’s a big beautiful world out there, after all. And it’s just waiting to be explored. But with full-time jobs and other responsibilities, it can be difficult to succumb to the wanderlust. So what’s the cure? A short weekend getaway, that’s what.