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4 Reasons Why This Dating App is Worth Another Shot

Well, folks, it’s safe to announce we’re entering one of the hardest times of the year. Cuffing season is in full swing, and if you find yourself single you might be having an extra hard time feeling hopeful for romance. In the midst of unreliable transit systems, relentless storms, and

Sex Talk, With Millennials: Part III

Sex is complicated. It’s great (I mean, really great) (Did I mention it’s great?) … but it’s also complicated, especially within a dating culture that has — and continues to — evolve in major ways, to redefine our modern understanding of relationships, intimacy, sex and sexuality. If anything, the more media attempts to conceptualize

Millennial Love: What Makes Us Compatible?

Compatibility is a funny thing — we are all aware of its relevance in accordance to our romantic endeavours, but we all likely attach a different definition to it. Quite frankly, compatibility is complicated, and so are we. Personally, I’ve dated men who I felt I was incredibly compatible with, but

Is it Time for Women to Start Proposing to Men?

When it comes to marriage, we’ve moved happily away from traditional gender roles. A woman’s place is no longer in the kitchen; rather, it’s wherever she wants it to be (thank you very much). A lot of women unapologetically keep their last names rather than take their husband’s. Many men

6 Reasons to Ditch your Current Dating App for the Inner Circle

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again — modern dating can be… well, complicated. Much like Netflix and Uber Eats, we tend to have a lot of choice at our fingertips. Not to say this is a bad thing; after all, we are a generation of career-driven millennials