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Fit For an Exit: Meghan Markle is Looking Out for Her Family

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know that Harry and Meghan have left Britain, years of Royal family tradition, and their days of not wearing jeans behind. When we boil it right down to the basics, Meghan is a wife, a businesswoman, a mogul in her

London Bars Will Soon Have Contactless, Self-Serving Beer Taps

We’ve all been there – waiting ages to get the bartender’s attention or stuck behind someone ordering a 25-ingredient cocktail while all we want is a pint, damn it. Indeed, queues at the bar can make for a frustrating night out. That’s why one bar in London is experimenting with

World’s Longest Flight Will Fly Direct from London to Perth in 17 Hours

How long do you think you could sit in an airplane before losing your mind entirely? If 17 hours doesn’t faze you, then you will soon be able to embark on the world’s longest commercial passenger flight. Aussie airline Qantas will launch a 17-hour non-stop daily service from London’s Heathrow airport

Airbnb Plans to Limit Private Rentals in London and Amsterdam

You may notice fewer options if you go to book an Airbnb rental in London or Amsterdam in the near future. Yesterday, the popular home-sharing company announced it will start enforcing limits to private home rentals in both countries. In London, Airbnb said it will “introduce new and automated limits