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400 People Are Living Entirely Off the Grid Only an Hour From Vancouver

For most perpetually connected young professionals, going “off the grid” for a weekend camping trip is borderline panic attack inducing. Now, can you imagine living year-round on an island with no electricity, plumbing, or paved roads? That’s what 400 people are doing only an hour away from Vancouver

2015 is the Year of the Micro Condo

Remember when living in the biggest pad possible was the goal of every young professional who just secured their first entry-level job? Times sure have changed. Now, it seems, the trend is to live more cleverly, compact, and most importantly, affordably

Living with Roommates Before and After 25

The roommate debate. It’s a classic question for young professionals: to save cash and avoid loneliness with a roommate or two, or go the independent route and guarantee your living space is exactly how you want it. Both options have their benefits and draw-backs, but there’s a real difference between coexisting in a living space before and after the age of 25…

The Art of Living

Think about the world stage; politics, government, law, medicine, education, international relations. In these fields of endeavors, have individuals been inspired by art to think outside of the box? Artistic awareness might rank right up there with golf and tennis in terms of influential networking