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You Need to Earn This Much Per Hour to Afford Living in Canada’s Cities

Another day, another damning report on Canadian housing unaffordability. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has published an aptly-named report titled ‘Unaccommodating‘ which looks at how much Canadians need to earn per hour to afford a one- or two-bedroom apartment in Canada’s urban centres. Affordability is determined by something called

A One-Bedroom in Toronto and Vancouver Now Costs More Than $2,000/Month

Another month, another record for the cost of living in Canada’s largest city. As they do every month, Padmapper has just released its Canadian Rent Report for the month of April. And it does every month, the price of renting an apartment in the majority of Canada’s urban centres remains outrageously

City or Suburbs? How to Pick the Right Place to Live in Montreal

My residence for the past year has been in the centre of Little Italy, a pretty cool Montreal neighborhood. Prior to Prior to this, I had always lived in the suburbs… with my parental roommates. I knew I wasn’t a downtown city girl and so Little Italy was a good

5 Things Every Urban Neighbourhood Needs to Feel Like ‘Home’

For many city dwellers, finding the perfect place means you might need to take your housing search skyward. But there’s no need to be afraid of heights – condos can sometimes get a bad rap, but many developers carefully consider the dynamics and location of an urban neighbourhood when trying