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The 3 Things You Need To Do if You Get Multiple Job Offers

In the thick of your job hunt, many scenarios will likely run through your head. “Did I submit the right resume?” “Am I making a good impression with this recruiter?” However, many qualified professionals find themselves blindsided with a less likely scenario:: multiple job offers. Admittedly, this is not the

Applying to a Startup? Make Sure You Have These 4 Qualities First

If the working world was like high school, millennial entrepreneurs and their startups would probably be sitting at the “popular” table. With their reputation for trendy urban workspaces and casual dress codes, it’s not hard to see why most millennials are drawn to these organizations. After all, who doesn’t want

A Surprising Number of Millennials Would Go Back To a Job They Quit

If you’ve ever been in an on again-off again relationship, then you might understand why a significant number of young professionals would do the same with their jobs. A new survey from Monster Canada found that one in two Canadian millennials (aged 18-34) would consider returning to a previous employer. In contrast,

The 19 Absolute Worst Things About Job Hunting

There are few things more daunting than trying to find a full-time job in a large city. Add to that a position in your field with a decent wage and benefits within less than six months of looking? You might have a better chance of getting struck by lightning – twice.

“Should I Pay a Recruiter to Find Me a Position?”

Applying for a position with a recruiter should never cost you a dime. In fact, if you are ever asked for some sort of payment to submit a job application with a recruiter or with a company, don’t waste your time or money; I simply suggest running the other way