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The 12 Wines of Italy

Italy, with its unique geography, diverse landscapes, predictable weather and lush farmlands, is a veritable haven for viniculture making it a perfect place to make fine wine. The entire country is peppered from North to South with winemaking regions and terroirs each as unique and robust as the last.  From

A Bold Collection of Italian Wines for Your Next Dinner Party

A brisk, 30-minute drive from Peretola airport, in the heart of Tuscany’s famed Chianti Classico region, stands a castle that dates back to the 15th century. Castello di Gabbiano is surrounded by picturesque Tuscan vineyards. Sprinkled across miles and miles of rolling hills, the vines here intermingle with centuries-old olive trees; two

Solo Travel Hack: Why You Should Stay With A Host Family

When I first travelled to Europe, I had the romantic notion of cramming as many destinations into one month as possible via hostel living and travelling by rail. It was the trip of a lifetime, jam packed with cultural highlights, mishaps and adventure. Fast forward ten years and things have

Maybe Starbucks Will Help Millennial Italians Out Of Poverty

It’s normal to feel skeptical about Starbucks’ expansion into Italy because, in Italy, ordering a caffè is much different than asking for a grandé, extra-hot, no-foam, almond-milk latté and running out the door with it to chug at your desk. Sometime in the 1980’s, a guy named Howard Shultz took

How To Plan a Destination Wedding in 7 Stress-Free Steps

What happens when a travel-obsessed girl meets an Italian guy and they decide to make it official? Well, my partner and I are planning a destination wedding celebration in Italy. Not because we want to be fancy, but because half the guest list is already there. There’s my Mario, who