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Cool Job Alert: A Tribe Called Red is Seeking a Summer Marketing Intern

Internships are often a temporary path that millennials struggle along, on their quest to reach their dream career. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the internship itself is well paid or even semi-awesome. Nor does it mean you’ll be working with Canadian electronic group A Tribe Called Red. Unless, of course, you’re talking

Harvard Student Loses Facebook Internship After Exposing Privacy Flaw

Three months ago, Harvard student Aran Khanna was all set to begin an internship at Facebook. Then, he created a browser application from his dorm room called Marauder’s Map, a Chrome extension that used data from Facebook Messenger to map where users were when they sent messages. [ad_bb1] He quickly

The Olsen Twins Have Responded to the Lawsuit Waged Against Them By 40 Interns

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have spoken out against their intern lawsuit – well, kind of. As you may have heard, 40 current and previous interns of the Olsen twins are bringing a class-action lawsuit against the 29-year-old sisters’ fashion empire. I mean, being an intern isn’t the most glamourous role,