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Cool Job Alert: A Tribe Called Red is Seeking a Summer Marketing Intern

Internships are often a temporary path that millennials struggle along, on their quest to reach their dream career. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the internship itself is well paid or even semi-awesome. Nor does it mean you’ll be working with Canadian electronic group A Tribe Called Red.

Unless, of course, you’re talking about the new four-month marketing position being advertised by the First Nations band that we’re calling the WIN-ternship.

Yesterday we told you about World of Beers four month summer internship, that involved travelling the world, sampling beers at festivals and events, and logging your adventures on social media and sites like Periscope. Notably absent were the coffee runs and filing duties generally present in the daily life of an intern.

But now, we’re here to tell you that there’s an even cooler job up for grabs. A Tribe Called Red is looking for a Junior Marketing Manager Intern for a 17-week position (with the potential for that to extend). It’s paying $16 per hour and offers an “exciting opportunity to experience hands-on the ins and outs of the music business by supporting the career of A Tribe Called Red.” And although the band hails from Ottawa, the position will be in downtown Toronto.

However, the internship is not for everyone (no, really). The group, who is known for their activism when it comes to protecting the Aboriginal community and supporting First Nation culture, are engaging in some pro-discrimination in the selection process for any candidates applying.

The “ambitious, passionate about music and aspiring Indigenous (must be status) music manager/marketer” will come up with creative ways to market the band’s new record, and gain hands on training in the management and needs of Indigenous artists.

The Aboriginal community is woefully marginalized, but by narrowing the scope of applicants and seeking them out specifically this internship could give someone the opportunity to be introduced to a world that they would otherwise never be exposed to.

Yes, A Tribe Called Red could have opened it up to anyone and then just picked an Indigenous candidate for the role. But the group have been so outspoken in the past – they cancelled a gig for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (ironically) amid concerns about the depiction of aboriginal human rights – that it simply wouldn’t be in their nature to sneak this one past us.

So good luck to the successful candidate. And let’s not forget the most important information here – a new ATCR record is imminent. Win all round.


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