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If You Failed Your Driving Test, You’re Probably too Smart to Pass

If you failed your driving test, you may have something to celebrate. According to new research from the UK, smarter people are more likely to fail their driving tests – so, if your bus pass has you down and out, you’ve got that. Conducted by insurer Privilege DriveXpert on a

Don’t Feel Bad If You’re Lazy AF – It Could Mean You’re Really Smart

If you’re the kind of person who would rather spend your weeknights on the couch than going for a run, you now have a pretty good excuse. Recent research from the Journal of Health Psychology suggests that intelligent people spend more time being lazy than people who are more active. The findings

Research Reveals Men Are Attracted to Smart Women…But Only in Theory

Apparently, men like the idea of smart women more than they actually enjoy dating them. At least, according to new research. As if dating as an intelligent, career focused young professional could get any more dismal for females in our cities across the country, right? A new yet-to-be-published study by