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How Gyms are adapting to the pandemic, post-lockdown

With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted all across Canada, gym-goers have recently been able to return to the gym. Although safety measures such as the mandatory use of masks and sanitation processes have been implemented, many are still hesitant about attending public gyms.  According to a survey that was conducted at

Why Future Festival Is The Place To Be For Young Professionals

When you first hear the words “Future Festival” your mind may go to an episode of The Jetsons, or a musical festival, or a trade show for Star Wars aficionados – but I assure you, it is all the more impressive, immersive and experiential. This past September, I had the

The Future Festival Highlights Better, Faster Ideas

Photo-worthy food trends, game-changing technology and disruptive ideas: It was all part of last week’s Trend Hunter Future Festival in Toronto. The three-day (September 27-29) conference of all things progressive attracted some 500 innovators from around the world – from London, U.K. to Korea. With a headquarters at King West’s

This Edible Water Bottle Is The Future of Hydration

Because the Ooho water bottle membrane is made from food ingredients, you can eat it instead of throwing it away. We all know that the consumption of non-renewable resources for single-use water bottles and the amount of waste they generate is profoundly unsustainable. The aim of Ooho is to provide

An Inspiring UK Woman is Trying to Change the Future of Menstruation

A 32-year-old Edinburgh woman’s invention could change the future of menstruation for females around the world – especially in developing nations. Liita Iyaloo Cairney has designed a long-overdue period device that’s actually a pretty simple idea, which was inspired after a recent trip to a school in Namibia, where she was born.