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How Gyms are adapting to the pandemic, post-lockdown

With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted all across Canada, gym-goers have recently been able to return to the gym. Although safety measures such as the mandatory use of masks and sanitation processes have been implemented, many are still hesitant about attending public gyms. 

According to a survey that was conducted at the start of August by fitness researcher Nicholas Rizzo, only 30.98% of 5,055 gym members have returned to their gyms since lockdown. Additionally, 59.06% of these members have already cancelled or are considering cancelling their memberships. These numbers mainly have to do with the fact that people are afraid of putting their health at risk by going to the gym. As a result, the in-person portion of the fitness industry is being forced to adapt to these concerns in order to survive.

Toronto’s Training Lane offers a unique and innovative solution for those who are looking to workout in a safe and efficient way. Training Lane is located at 487 King Street E. and consists of 8 separate lanes that are each fully equipped with weights, a squat rack, a yoga mat, cleaning materials, and more!

You have the option to remove your mask while exercising in your personal lane, which allows for a more normal workout experience. They have also developed a Training Lane app so that you can set up your own account and pre-book your sessions in order to avoid signing papers upon entry. 

Originally, Training Lane’s concept was supposed to be geared towards personal trainers. The founder, Sophie Matis, came up with the idea when she was spending a lot of time in the gym with trainers to recover from a nerve injury. 

“Most gyms only had one squat rack so we spent a lot of time waiting and standing around,” Matis explained. “So I thought to myself, why can’t there be a space that trainers can rent by the hour where they know they’re guaranteed to have everything in one area?”

After a year and a half of construction, Training Lane was initially supposed to open in March 2020. Due to the pandemic, everything was delayed. But now, Training Lane’s innovative concept appeals to more than just trainers.

Training Lane also has a communal gym area and an infrared sauna, which can be booked separately on the app. 

Stay up to date with Training Lane by following them on Instagram and book your workout online or on their app today!

Alyssa Shull