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man running with headphones on a autumn coloured tree path.

Reboot Your Routine for Fall to Feel More Energized 

According to Health Expert Sonia Jhas, the key to feeling strong and energized as we get older is finding a wellness routine that adapts to your body’s changing needs. One key step in this wellness routine – is nutrients. As we age, the type and amount of nutrients we need change – understanding these differences empowers us to get even better with age. 

6 Self-Care Level-Ups for the New Year

These cold, dark days in the aftermath of the holiday season and already abandoned New Year’s resolutions can catch us off guard. It’s imperative that we find ways to keep ourselves joyful and refreshed to usher in a healthy new year. We’ve curated a list of the latest wellness offerings


As we say farewell to the summer, it’s time to say hello to some new September listens.  Check out our September list of Notable Listens as you start to prepare and get cozy for the cold. Let us know what you think of this month’s list on Instagram @notablelife!  Without