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We Found the Perfect Suit Experience for the Modern Groom

It’s all in the details. And while we told you what every modern groom should have on their wedding day, our former Editor-in-Chief Eric Wainwright personally discovered the two that matter most. The first is obvious: make sure that when the time comes to say ‘I do’, you’re standing across

Taylor Swift Crashed This Couple’s Wedding and it Was as Happy as You’d Expect

It’s not every day that you get to meet Grammy Award-winning artist and country-music-turned-pop-star Taylor Swift. And for New Jersey couple Max Singer and Kenya Smith, their encounter with the Billboard babe was already a pretty special occasion. TSwift crashed the bride and groom’s big day over the weekend, surprising

9 Things Every Modern Groom Should Have on Their Wedding Day

We’re not saying you have to be as skilled with a suit as 007, but you should probably try. And thankfully, the days of guys having to pretend they don’t care are long gone. After all, the modern groom is an emotionally intelligent man who’s as much in touch with

2015 Stats: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Weddings in Canada

Despite all signs to the contrary, spring is here – and with it comes wedding season. Whether you’re about to have a white wedding (perhaps literally given our April snowstorm) in Canada or you’re jet-setting to sunnier climes for a destination wedding, those bells are starting to ring out loud

A Bride Takes Her Own Wedding Photos And The Result is Stunning

We all know at least one couple who was not happy with their wedding photographer. Whether the images came out too fake looking, overexposed, or just plain cheesy, the truth is that no one can capture your special moment like you. The problem? Most of us are not photographers or