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Notable People: Melissa Leong

Melissa Leong stands as a paragon of financial wisdom and media savvy. A best-selling author, acclaimed speaker, and national media personality, she has made a significant mark with her unique approach to personal finance.

Make sure to put aside an extra $700 for food this year

One of the greatest banes of our generation is that wages aren’t keeping up with inflation. Adding insult to injury, the price of food is increasing at a higher rate than inflation. According to Canada’s Food Price Report 2021, Canadians should expect to pay three to five per cent more

Ontario senator proposes wage freeze for all federal politicians

Senator Lucie Moncion, who represents Ontario, wants to freeze pay hikes for Parliamentarians. Why? “To prevent the privileges that senators enjoy from becoming disconnected from the harsh economic reality facing many Canadians.” Solidarity, sister. “For people who hold public office, when you see people struggling around you it is hard

#NotablePeople: President & CEO of Bitvo Pam Draper

What’s it like being a female CEO in a “boy’s club” industry?  For Pam Draper – President & CEO of Bitvo, a Canadian cryptocurrency trading platform – it’s all about how you look at it. We sat down with the finance guru to learn how she got into crypto, what

A Real-Talk Guide to Getting Out of Debt: For Millennials

“How much debt do you have? How much do you have saved?” My Dad’s questions drudged up a familiar sense of dread and anxiety within me, and his eyes bore into mine with a distinct, unspoken sentiment: I’m not mad, I’m disappointed. Despite my parent’s valiant (and much appreciated) tough-love