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You Can Finally Unsend Those Embarrassing Emails on the Gmail App

There’s a new feature to help the cause for those of us who like to wear our hearts on our keypads after a few drinks. You can now “unsend” those emails you immediately regret sending from your iPhone on the way home from a night out (or anytime, really). The

There’s Finally a Way to Discover People You Don’t Already Know on Snapchat

Your Snapchat’s feed probably has the social range of a family reunion – you already know everyone there, which is the only binding obligation to give a shit about their mundane stories. Forget stumbling upon anyone interesting; people crash weddings, after all, not reunions. Unless you know someone’s exact username or

This Just Released Snapchat Feature is a Game-Changer

Move over, doggy filter, there’s a new cool Snapchat feature in town. While users have been able to take screenshots and download their favourite Stories for a while now, Snapchat is upping their game even more with its newest addition, Memories. With this feature, users will be able to see