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You Can Finally Unsend Those Embarrassing Emails on the Gmail App

There’s a new feature to help the cause for those of us who like to wear our hearts on our keypads after a few drinks.

You can now “unsend” those emails you immediately regret sending from your iPhone on the way home from a night out (or anytime, really).

The new Gmail iOS update for iPhones and iPads now gives users an unsend button.

The feature was rolled out on Gmail’s desktop version last year, but it’s been missing from the mobile app until now. It comes as part of the biggest redesign of the Gmail iPhone app in four years.

Image: Wired

After you send an email, a black bar will appear at the bottom of the screen, allowing you the chance to (frantically) delete your emails within five seconds.

If you opt to undo it, the feature will take you back to the email compose screen to make any necessary adjustments.

You’re welcome.

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