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7 Unique Resume Ideas That Stood Out From the Crowd

Applying for jobs can be a trying experience. You find a vacant position you’d be great at, spend hours crafting the perfect cover letter… and then you never hear back. But with hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of potential candidates applying for a single role, is it any wonder that our

This Fortune 500 CEO Has a Crazy (But Effective) Interview Technique

Recently I visited one of my favourite Mexican restaurants in Toronto. I looked forward to it all week, mentally ordered my favourite tacos and visualized my Margarita in hand in the days leading up to my dinner date. It’s safe to say I’d set the bar fairly high. But the moment

Companies Are Starting to Offer More Millennial-Friendly Health Plans

Most millennials see their company’s health plan like an all-you-can-eat buffet – sure, there’s a bunch of stuff, but you’re only interested in a marginal portion of what’s on offer. “There was just nothing there that was of any interest to me,” says 28-year-old Devon Wright about his health plan as

This Oil Company is Giving All of its 1381 Employees a $100k Bonus for Christmas

The energy industry isn’t necessarily known for its generous distribution of wealth. Hilcorp Energy of Houston, Texas is a little different. The company has had an excellent year, which in the oil and gas industry usually means an extortionate payout for the CEO and his pals. Instead of filtering revenues exclusively