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When climate change ends the world, we can blame the Twitter bots

We’ve all been confronted by bots. Not the cool ones that can do parkour and will make you economically redundant, but the messaging type you find on Twitter. Most of the time, the interactions are harmless. Co-opting social movements to drop teatox discount codes, things of that nature. But there

Study: Toronto is one of the world’s most at-risk cities for climate change

Climate change is a contentious topic in Canada. An alarming number of Canadians don’t believe in it. The youth are suing our government over it. Murals of Greta Thunberg are defaced in Alberta. Of course, none of this detracts from the evidence that ecosystems are deteriorating as temperatures and sea

Federal Election Cheat Sheet: What Are the Issues?

This article was sourced through an original cheat sheet written by Pressed News – to read the full guide click here. Notable Life with the help of Pressed News is here to help you decipher the complex issues at the forefront of this election and where each party stands on them. For a

Albertan buttholes tighten as Greta Thunberg visit looms

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has her eyes on Alberta. The 16-year-old Swede, who last month caught world leaders off-guard at the United Nations Climate Action Summit for revealing to have a spine in confronting global warming, will make her way north after relishing the Mountain States. Wait till she

Youth Is(n’t) Wasted on the Young

In business school, you learn the importance of numbers and what they can say about a company. Things like monthly sales growth, average profit margins and sales targets are part of a universal language taught all around the world. And these metrics, or KPIs, have one purpose: judging performance. So