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Donald Trump Has Done Something Very Positive for Cape Breton

They call it the ‘Trump Bump’. And no, it’s not that lump of digested matter making its way upstream every time you remember that this photo exists. We’re talking about Drumpf‘s uncanny ability to make people pay attention to anything even loosely associated with him. Like Cape Breton, for example. As you may

Cape Breton Tourism is Overwhelmed by Potential Trump-Fleeing Americans

It seems Americans can’t get enough of Cape Breton Island. Back in February, we told about a local radio host who set up a website to thrust Cape Breton into the public consciousness when he pitched the region as a Trump-free paradise to Americans. It didn’t take long for the “Cape

“Cape Breton if Donald Trump Wins” Offers Escape for American Political Refugees

Last year the New Yorker wrote an amusing ‘Welcome to Canada’ message for Americans fleeing northward in lieu of Donald Trump’s potential election as President of the United States. Turns out Cape Breton, Nova Scotia is ready to embrace political refugees from South of the Border with open arms. ‘Cape Breton if Donald