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This Cape Breton General Store is Offering Free Land and a Job to Those Willing to Relocate

Sick of the grind and craving the simple life?

You can find it in Cape Breton.

A family-run business is offering two free acres of land to recruit people to live and work year-round in rural Cape Breton.

You’d live in Whycocomagh, N.S (which has a population of about 800) and work at the Farmer’s Daughter, a general store and bakery.

Your bosses would be sisters Sandee MacLean and Heather Coulombe, who took over the business from their dairy farmer parents earlier this year.

farmers daughter
Image: The Farmer’s Daughter via Facebook

Their parents started the business 25 years ago and now the sisters hope to expand it, hence, the need for more employees.

Apparently, the traditional “help wanted” ads weren’t working.

So, the sisters decided to offer the two acres of land for free to those who are willing to relocate to Whycocomagh. Their family currently owns 200 acres of woodlot that isn’t being used.

As reported by CBC, they hope the offer will appeal to someone who enjoys all four seasons and the great outdoors and can help grow the community.

“They would love the simpler life, they would love to have a job they can go to every day that’s not stressful,” she said to the CBC. “And in the wintertime when it slows down, they get to have their off-time.”

Image: The Farmer's Daughter via Facebook
Image: The Farmer’s Daughter via Facebook

Anyone who relocated to work at the Farmer’s Daughter could live on the land at first, and if they decide to stay employed by the store for five years, the two acres is theirs for free. That is, as long as they cover legal costs to transfer the deed.

As for the pay, those with no experience can expect minimum wage to start, but the rate goes up for staff with more skills and experience.

The beauty is, you don’t need a lot of money.

The whole appeal of the lifestyle is about being outside and enjoying the land, MacLean tells CBC.

As for the general store, additional staff is needed to keep up with demand. They also want to make better use of their farmland, offering their customers more food options in the winter.

So, new employees will also eat well (it doesn’t get much more ‘local’ than that) – an added perk of the job.

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