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#NotablePeople: Creator of Black Owned Toronto Kerin John

At just 23 years old, Kerin John has grown her platform exponentially in a matter of weeks of launching it. What does this say? That not only is her page amazing but that it’s very very important. The newfound conscientious wave to consume more responsibly and support Black-owned businesses has

Tips to Scale Your StartUp at a Fraction of The Cost

You’re ready to scale your business and need to know where to best allocate resources. There comes a point in a startup’s business when you have built a small team around you, the business is beginning to stabilize and you realize you need to put your trust in others in

A Master of Reinvention: Chef Charlotte Langley

Never bound by titles or labels, Charlotte Langley is constantly reinventing herself and what it means to be a chef, culinary curator, entrepreneur, ambassador for sustainability and champion of the people and causes she believes in. Hailing from PEI, Canada, Charlotte embodies what her peers often call “Maritime Chic” –

#NotableYoungPros: Founder of Evio Beauty Brandi Leifso

Brandi Leifso was 21 and living in a women’s shelter when she developed the concept for her first make-up company, Evelyn Iona, now Evio Beauty. Through tenacity, creative photoshopping and some ingenious thinking when it came to ordering the first round of her products, she was able to bootstrap her