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A Master of Reinvention: Chef Charlotte Langley

Never bound by titles or labels, Charlotte Langley is constantly reinventing herself and what it means to be a chef, culinary curator, entrepreneur, ambassador for sustainability and champion of the people and causes she believes in.

Hailing from PEI, Canada, Charlotte embodies what her peers often call “Maritime Chic” – a love for honest food shared with warmth, charm and that famed East Coast hospitality. It’s an intoxicating combination that has chefs, farmers, restaurants, collaborators and clients across provinces and borders knocking on her door.

More than 10 years of honing her expertise working with and elevating seafood have taken her through some of the country’s most recognized restaurants (C Restaurant, Whalesbone, Catch, Rodney’s Catering). In 2014, her journey led her to create Canada’s first fresh canned seafood company, Scout Canning.

Since then she has expanded her repertoire with Scout Events, the Bibbs and Bubs event series, judging culinary competitions (PEI Shellfish Festival, Boston Seafood Expo North America), has been featured on Breakfast Television Toronto, and has also appeared in articles in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Life, City Bites, and The Journal Pioneer). In 2017 she became the Ambassador for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). It is in this role that Charlotte helps educate about the importance of caring for the oceans that provide for and feed millions, and inspire chefs and consumers alike to choose certified sustainable and traceable seafood.

Charlotte’s culinary cannabis training began 4 years ago when she wanted the opportunity to expand her repertoire surrounding her cuisine. It all started with a brunch that ended up being covered by High Times sparking the beginning of Charlotte’s Culinary Cannabis adventures. She now works with top Canadian brands such as Canopy, Auxly, Tokyo Smoke, Hiku, Vanderpop hosting a nation-wide Women and Weed education series.

Taking her cues from the ingredients and purveyors she respects and honours, Charlotte has the vision, personality and skill to tell a story and take you on a voyage, or simply make you feel at home with reimagined classics like her ‘Smores in Can’ or her award-winning Seafood Chowder. For Charlotte, there is no greater pleasure or privilege than to play, share, laugh, educate, nurture and love through food. We sat down with her to get her take on the topic she knows and loves so well: cooking!

How did you get your start?

Completely by accident! I wanted to learn a trade and culinary arts appeared in my path, I applied, was accepted and it took over my life in the best possible way!

What is your favourite ingredient?

I really do not have one favourite ingredient as it changes with the seasons, my mood and even time of day. But at this exact moment, strawberries…

If you could get a plane ticket to go anywhere, where would you go and why?

I would get on the train and travel across Canada, stopping to snack and taste each and every province and territory.

In your opinion, what makes a meal or dish memorable?

The people you get to share it with.

Are you able to share with us one of your cooking secrets?

Organization is key! not really a secret but planning ahead and working your dish out really helps in execution and timing.

What is on your ideal pairing to food and wine?

Sparkling and anything

What is the best recipe for success?

Work hard, work smooth and work smart.

What are some upcoming projects you’re working on?

There are many exciting events coming up! Brewery and the Beast, Visa Infinite Dinner at RedStone Winery, Chefs for Hart event, Resto Takeover are just a few of the events I’m working on.

Follow Charlotte’s culinary adventures on Instagram, @chefcharlottelangley

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