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Straight Up: Tricks of the Whiskey Trade

In celebration of Jack Daniel’s launching the new Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye, Notable Life had the opportunity to sit down with Marta Sobiesiak, the Midnight Manager for Jack Daniel’s in Toronto. She filled us in on her “must-have” bar cart tools, her favorite things about working for this iconic spirit

London Bars Will Soon Have Contactless, Self-Serving Beer Taps

We’ve all been there – waiting ages to get the bartender’s attention or stuck behind someone ordering a 25-ingredient cocktail while all we want is a pint, damn it. Indeed, queues at the bar can make for a frustrating night out. That’s why one bar in London is experimenting with

This Bar Made a Secret Sign to Help Women Escape Terrible Tinder Dates

As Tinder dates continue to become a common staple of the bar scene, one drinking establishment has given the world a lesson in etiquette. The Brickyard in St Albans in the UK put a sign up in the bathroom to reassure victims of terrible Tinder encounters that help is at hand: “Tinder Date Gone Wrong?