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You Could Win a Vacation in This NYC Apartment… That’s Completely Edible

We have been known to describe some vacations as mouth-watering. There’s a dish for every European country that you simply must try, some very Instagram-worthy snacks to sample from around the globe, and incredible street food destinations in Asia to gorge on. But it’s not often that we assign this

Rent One of These Tiny Getaway Homes for Just $99 a Night

If there’s one thing millennials like, it’s a weekend getaway. And with 10 statutory holidays a year in Canada, there’s really no excuse not to take one. Even that classic conundrum – a lack of cash – has now been alleviated courtesy of startup Getaway. The company is bringing its unique

A Couple Who Met Through Airbnb is Now Offering Free Stays for Other Couples

One couple can credit Airbnb for both bringing them together and funding their seven-month long trip around the world. Bryan Ames, 34, and Marisa Henderson, 26, first met in 2012, when Bryan stayed as an Airbnb guest in Marisa’s Florida home. A visit-filled year later, she moved into his three-bedroom

By Neighbourhood: 15 of The Best Toronto Airbnb Options Under $150

Millennials are just a bunch of travel junkies. And it’s great. But sometimes we’re so busy trying to whisk ourselves away to far flung destinations, we can forget what’s right under our noses. In fact, we’re constantly being reminded that we should stop and smell the roses in our own backyard.