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Rent One of These Tiny Getaway Homes for Just $99 a Night

If there’s one thing millennials like, it’s a weekend getaway. And with 10 statutory holidays a year in Canada, there’s really no excuse not to take one.

Even that classic conundrum – a lack of cash – has now been alleviated courtesy of startup Getaway.

The company is bringing its unique brand of mini-lodgings to New York City, opening three new homes just two hours outside of Manhattan for the very reasonable price of $99 USD a night ($129 for weekend stays).


The company, which launched in 2015, first made headlines with its 160-square-foot cabins that allowed holiday-makers to rent out in the Greater Boston Area. After a hugely successful launch, Getaway is now broadening its market to NYC.

Proving that bigger isn’t always better, this brainchild of a Harvard Innovation Lab has created micro-hotels that allow visitors to check in and out with ease and save money while looking to get away from the Big Apple.

Getaway follows the Tiny House Movement we’ve spotted of late – like these University of British Columbia “nano” apartments for students looking to cut costs on their digs, or this vacation cabin on wheels.

But unlike its predecessors, this venture allows guests a way to try out tiny living temporarily rather than investing in it full-time.

“Getaway from your daily grind and give way to new adventures. This June we’ll be planting three Getaway cabins in the woods outside of New York, just far enough away to getaway and just close enough to make a quick recharge easy,” reads the site.

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Photo: TheBearWalk

Guests won’t have to negotiate a meeting with their hosts, like those renting out Airbnb accommodation are frequently tasked with. Instead, they simply enter the homes by keypad, meaning there’s no need for keys or collection prior to one’s stay.

While no pictures are available on the site, there have been some sneak peeks posted on Getaway’s Instagram.

The houses are solar-powered and come with snacks, board games, and a mattress. You can pre-book a stay at one of their three new homes in NYC – the Maisie, the Eleanor, or the Isidore.

Perhaps it’s time we stopped thinking big and started thinking much, much smaller.


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