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Spotify is Refunding Customers Annoyed by Unbearable Drake Promo

Even if you live under a rock, you’ll have known that Drake dropped a new album last week.

That’s partly because Spotify, the popular music streaming service with more than 170 million users, pretty much re-branded itself as an incarnation of the Toronto artist in the days that followed the release of Aubrey’s latest album, Scorpion.

The Spotify promotion, an omnipresent Drake-a-thon, was called “Scorpion SZN” and essentially gave Drake the keys to Spotify. The artist takeover, which was displayed to users in every corner of the planet, saw Drake’s face plastered across the platform – from the browse section to playlists. Even playlists where Drake’s presence made no sense at all, like “Massive Dance Hits,” “Best of British” and “Happy Pop Hits.”

One reddit user was so irked by the hyper-spam that they complained to Spotify and got a refund for their monthly subscription. I assume they just gave them a call and played I’m Upset. If only we could do that every time we walk into literally anywhere in Toronto.

A screenshot of the customer support chat below:

It’s a good point: if you pay for Spotify premium and expect no ads, promotion for Drake’s objectively mediocre album is some pretty Worst Behavior. The rest of the conversation is littered with passive-aggressive bow-to-me-for-I-am-the-customer speak and corporate backtracking.

Spotify, meanwhile, preferred to consider the whole thing a “celebration.”

Anyway, if you want a free month of Spotify, it seems like you can simply follow the protocol above. Let us know how it goes.

Christian Nathler

Christian Nathler is a contributing writer at Notable Life.