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Soccer Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo Returns Lost Phone to ‘Lucky’ Woman in Las Vegas

A girls’ night in Vegas gets a lot better when sexy soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is part of the equation.

When a hot woman lost her phone in Las Vegas, her bad luck was met with good fortune when it was found and retuned by Ronaldo – who then took her and her friends out for a night on the town.

A few days ago, Instagram user @Austinmilan posted a picture with the caption: “Nothing will beat hanging out with @zedd and these little ladies last night.”

A couple days later, she updated the situation with the following picture, and the caption: “Bad news is I lost my phone two days ago. Good news is Cristiano Ronaldo found it. Better news is he took us to dinner last night.”

Ronaldo was apparently more than happy to pose with the four beautiful women for a shot – and the group apparently continued the party inside his hotel suite.

As for Ronaldo, it seems like a win/win situation. But we’re going to bet that an unattractive poor dude wouldn’t be met with the same luck if he lost his phone in Sin City.


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