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Sir Elton John Shocks London Transit Riders With Surprise Performance

Imagine you were riding on the TTC and at the next stop Drake got on and randomly started rapping.

Or maybe you’re walking around downtown Victoria and you approach a crowd of people and Nelly Furtado is singing I’m Like a Bird. (From the top of a tree, obviously.)

Chances are if you we’re to ever to witness a music icon randomly performing in the middle of town you would be completely blown away.

Well, earlier today, anyone who happened to be passing through St. Pancras International station in London were surprised with a performance by Sir Elton John. That’s right, Elton John just started randomly playing on a piano in public.

Train passengers were shocked when they realized it was Elton John tickling the ivories as they passed through the station. And luckily the commuters took plenty of footage and shared it on social media for the rest of the world’s viewing pleasure.

From the footage you can tell that commuters were delighted with the surprise performance. Elton is currently promoting his new album Wonderful Crazy Night, which will be released tomorrow.

So the next time your waiting for your train with resting bitch face, you never know who might make a surprise appearance to wipe it all away…


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