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Air Canada wants to give international travellers a get-out-of-quarantine pass

All international travellers currently arriving in are forced to quarantine for two weeks. Air Canada wants to change that.

Air Canada is looking to offer passengers a way out of the government-imposed 14-day self-isolation.

The plan would allow international customers to take a COVID-19 test upon arriving in Canada. A negative test would void the quarantine requirement.

Here’s a delightfully passive-aggressive official statement:

“Air Canada has advocated for the adoption of rational, science-based measures in Canada relating to COVID-19, to allow for the prudent easing of travel restrictions and the mandatory 14-day quarantine, thereby striking a better balance for travellers and for the Canadian economy without adversely impacting public health. We are pleased to co-sponsor this extremely important study, which we believe should provide alternatives to the current blanket restrictions and quarantine,” said Dr. Jim Chung, Chief Medical Officer at Air Canada.

The push comes after a promising study revealed more than 99% of international arrivals tested negative. The study is based on 15,000 volunteers who were tested at Pearson Airport in Toronto.

The initiative is a clear sign of airlines’ frustration over the federal government’s stringent measures. Many countries in Europe allow citizens to take a free COVID-19 test in order to forgo quarantine.

Canada’s borders have been closed for non-essential travel since March.

Christian Nathler

Christian Nathler is a contributing writer at Notable Life.