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Scientists Have Discovered Seaweed That Tastes Like Bacon and is More Nutritious Than Kale

No, we’re not making this up.

We all know scientists have accomplished some great things over the years (see: fire, the wheel, space travel, wireless communication, basically everything you use every day), but they’ve gone and outdone themselves this time.

Seaweed bacon.

Healthy, vegan, tasty, seaweed bacon.


A team of researchers at Oregon State University is responsible for this achievement, which involves a particular strain of dulse, a seaweed that has been popular for hundreds of years due to its rich flavour.

The project all started when researcher Chris Langdon started growing experimental strains of dulse that could convert the ammonia and CO2 produced by sea snails into protein, before the snails ate it themselves.

Though the initial research didn’t pan out, Langdon kept growing the seaweed. Much to his surprise, he discovered that when he fried or smoked it, his seaweed tasted just like bacon. Crispy, delicious bacon.

Besides the fact that this means those who choose vegan/vegetarian lifestyles no longer have to be deprived of the amazing experience that is bacon, this seaweed has another upside.

It’s crazy nutritious.

We’re talking kale levels of nutritious. In fact, it contains TWICE the nutrients of everyone’s favourite green and leafy super-food.

Now, we know it won’t replace bacon, but hey, having the option of a healthy “bacon” salad for lunch that’s chock full of nutrients is definitely a win for everyone.

The best part? You can put bacon on your seaweed-bacon salad.

We’re all winners today.


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