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Out of Office with Anna Sinclair – A Total Superwom-Mom

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Welcome to Out of Office, our electrifying video interview series where we bring you up close and personal with some of the most inspiring Canadian entrepreneurs, professionals and culture generators! In each episode, we take you on an exclusive journey through their favourite city spot as we unravel their unique business insights, invaluable career advice, and the captivating stories behind their success. Venture with us beyond the boardroom and immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant atmosphere as we explore the entrepreneurial spirit that drives these trailblazers. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to join us in our quest to discover the untold stories of the business world’s brightest stars.

In this episode of Out of Office, we got some much-needed R&R with Anna Sinclair, the CEO of Total Mom Inc., at the Hotel X Guerlain Spa. Total Mom is the fastest-growing business community for mom entrepreneurs. Total Mom is breaking down the barriers that moms face when growing & scaling their businesses. With a community of over 20,000+ Canadian Moms, Anna’s dedication to women over the last five years has earned her recognition as one of WXN’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women In Canada and established her as a Canadian business leader and influencer. Anna also founded the Canadian Women Entrepreneur Industry Gala (CWEs), which brings together leading companies, top C-suites, founders, entrepreneurs, creators and media to open doors of opportunity for women. Her visionary approach unites the industry, and her disruptive mindset has revolutionized the gala experience, dedicating herself to ensuring more women have a seat at the table.

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Ashley Nedaei

Ashley is the Director of Marketing at Notable Life Inc. As an audacious and creative entrepreneurial spirit, she splits her time between raising her two sons with her husband and toy poodle and creative pursuits in music, beauty, and business. Follow her adventures @ndaiart.