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New York Times Names Toronto in Top Ten Places to Go in 2016

If you’re not familiar with the New York Times’ annual 52 Places to Go series, you’ve been missing out.

Not simply for travel #inspo, but also because the article is so well crafted it’s hard to look away from. Indeed, if the internet could ever be called lush (as in rich for the senses, not drunk) this is a page that deserves it.

In fact, all the page-wide HD photographs, maps, and elegant descriptions combine to make us want to start packing our bags as we’re reading. Except…we don’t have to?

If you went somewhere new in the world every week of 2016, it seems the good people at the New York Times feel that #the6ix would be worth hitting up before two months were even out – placing Toronto at a cool #7. Thats’ right, you’ll find us right between Mozambique and Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.).

Of course, we know why we belong in that spot; but if you need them you can find the NYT’s reasons for doing so below:

Toronto is remaking itself as Canada’s premier city, quietly slipping out of the shadow of Montreal and Vancouver. Last year, the Queens Quay on Lake Ontario reopened, part of the largest continuing urban revitalization project in North America. It now has bike and pedestrian paths and new streetcars that link green spaces and promenades that will be full of public art. The Junction, a former industrial area, has emerged as Toronto’s most stylish neighborhood for its bars, live music and coffee shops. And the city is becoming easier to visit: a train now whisks travelers downtown from the airport in 25 minutes, and Air Canada offers extended stopovers for connecting passengers. Toronto has long been known for its cultural diversity and continues to draw major artistic and sporting events, including the Toronto International Film Festival each September, and the 2016 N.B.A. All-Star game, held outside the United States for the first time.


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